Crafting stories that matter

Alex is an Australian writer, director, actor and theatre producer dedicated to developing and producing high quality stories for the stage and screen utilising humour to tell character-driven, relevant female-centric stories that appeal to a wide audience.

“a young Meryl Streep…” – Daily Mail, London

Born in Hong Kong to Australian parents, Alex grew up in Asia until she was sixteen before moving to Australia to study.

She studied Economics and Journalism before accepting a place at prestigious London acting school, Rose Buford College. During the pregnancy nd birth of her first son, Alex got her MA in Writing.

Alex has lived and worked on four continents and her multi-cultural background means she is deeply interested in people from all walks of life and her experiences imbue all of her characters.

She is a founding member and co-director of Anywhere Festival, a festival dedicated to connecting people with place through performance, anywhere and she began her production journey at Seeding Time Pictures, before starting Pivot City Films.

Though acting was her first passion, writing is in Alex’s blood. She hails from a long line of writers, including english poet, William Wordsworth on her mother’s side. It wasn’t until University that Alex reignited her passion for acting that she’d had as a child.

You can view Alex’s acting credits on the Internet Movie Database and find out more about her writing and producing credits at Anywhere Festival and Seeding Time Pictures.

Next up, Alex is working on two low budget feature films as an actor, and several short projects as writer and producer.

In 2015, Alex was one of the YWCA’s 100 Leading Queensland Women and she has been awarded several arts grants.

Alex is driven by a desire to connect people to their communities by the stories they share.

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